"The 'Wild woman' Archetype constantly evolves in my work.  I express the minimal, with a love for black line and fine detail as well as splashes of colour when inspired. I'm obsessed with the idea that the city is still the forest and much of my passion comes from nomadic bohemian life... OH & i love Frida Kahlo ." 


Wildsuga: Awakening Pachamama spirt and divine feminine energy through  ART . ADORNMENT . DESIGN

My name is sarina Mantle and I am a Multidisciplined Artist. I seek deeply to preserve handmade and express beauty and love through all my artworks. I sew, pattern cut, illustrate, graphic design,  surface design, paint, make jewellery , teach creative workshops under my label Wildsuga and sing in my group Native Sun Music spreading love n light.

Wildsuga is inspired by indigenous life, the sacred ancient, geometrical patterns,  foliage, spirit life and the wild woman and her baby. It is an ongoing journey i look forward to sharing with you.

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