New moon & setting intentions

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Hows your energy today? How are you? i’m gonner say it again… How are you … How are you really? Did you check in with yourself? …. Trust me i fall victim to not checking in with myself. I go straight to my phone or computer and start working, mummy-ing and creating a day of doing. So maybe like you i’m in the same boat … hmm how are we.

Thankfully there are amazing souls around me who remind me of the work i need to do and the rest i need to have. I’ve been doing transformational breath work sessions with my dear sister Hanna-jade (see her FB page is here ) and the benefits of breathing fully have been helping to shift more clarity as well as uproot things i try to suppress, i recommend.

As a creative living in the city i’m finding it even more important to reach states of wellness so i can balance the energy i need, in order to simply just create. To keep raising my vibration and stay on path. With this clarity i want to share some inspirations with you around setting intentions during the new moon.

Today is a new Moon in Aquarius and it’s a perfect time for new beginnings, raising those vibrations and creating new projects, new affirmations & desires. I decided it would be cool to do a worksheet for you based on your monthly intentions, i wanner check in with my sisters and make sure your good ! So here it is : an A4 sheet with one of my recent illustration of a sister floating in alignment with the moons phases, as she too journeys through hers and you can download it here lovely ones.

i’m wishing you an amazing cycle during mama moons phases, pray your intentions may be planted & bloom.

love x sarina x

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