I am so delighted to announce my debut colouring book through my publisher Liminal for autumn 2018: Women + Patterns + Plants . It is a therapeutic, self-care colouring book i have been working on featuring bold, empowering line-work that’s just crying out for your coloured pencils and felt pens! I am so excited to finally share this project and cant wait to have you on board filling in colours for your internal joy & peace.

A little bit more about my illustration journey .... Roughly 5 years ago in 2013 i started drawing and illustrating again, i needed clarity and order in my life and drawing grounded me right back to inner peace and calm. I had not tapped into drawing since my childhood. My educational background is in a BA fashion design  & textiles so i have always enjoyed sketching flats & fashion illustrations however fast forward to 2018 and now i get to incorporate new ways of drawing with themes and all that self-care magic in the mix. It has felt so liberating sharing images i have drawn with you at my market stalls and much of my inspirations come from the journey i took to Peru in 2014. My travels awakened in me reconnection to Mother earth and so to the vision of this book was born. I created my first ever vision board in 2017 with the affirmation of creating a colouring book and now i'm over the moon to see it become reality with my amazing team Liminal on board. I cant wait to share this journey with you and thank you for your support this far. I could not do it without you.

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