The perfect song to Illustrate to

Joanna Brouk - The Space Between

Music and Art are intrinsically connected, i'm unable to separate the two especially when i am creating art, music is accompanying the process always. I remember when i was doing work experience at my university teacher: Zowie Broach's studio for her label at the time Boudicca and Matthew Williamson's studio it was my first taste of creative environments where fashion was created in its purest form and the radio or cd playing was the atmosphere for assisting the process. I came across artists like Portishead , Alanis Morrisette Skunk Anansie & and Lenny kravits to name a few during the early 2000's. I'm currently and always absorbed in Alice Coletrane, Dorothy Ashby  Pharoah Sanders (too many artists of that time to name!!! however i'll defo do an indepth post on this soon ).

Hey for now listen to Joanne, tell me what you think of her sounds, do you have any recommendations on that same vibe?

sarina mantleComment