I'm blogging again yay!

Hello .... a big welcome if we haven't connected yet ... and if we have then you already know what immaboutsss !! I simply love handmaking & creative living. I also love being a mum & thats a massive part of how my day is shaped in the balancing of the two. Are you a mother? are you creative? Are you balancing them like me? ... My lil one is 2 and a half & art has been a big part of her life already from being surrounded by it. I work from home, do freelance workshops, Exhibitions, sing in a band called Native Sun, i'm a solo Vocal artist exploring sound, I trade at market stalls around London & sell here via my website and various stockists!

I am a one woman band with a humble small but growing business which has been my hearts desire for over 10 years. Honouring my highest joy without losing sight of my deepest values. I value connection, intimacy, friendship, conversation, tears, smiles, feelings, love, peace, Our earth, true intention, happiness, wellbeing, inspiration, imagination, handmade culture, ancestors, family & time ......ahhh breathhh!  Its the Pillars of what Wildsuga stands for and the reasons behind why i create (i feel grateful to share this with you).

I was doing a talk a fews days ago with The body Narratives a lovely group of women empowering conversation and connection on all matter of topics supporting emerging Women of Colour from creatives to writers and artists through storytelling. Some of the questions I was asked inspired me to look deeper into my role and so i felt to start blogging again. Thats why I'm here reflecting, voicing what it means to be a creative mother, and multi disciplined artist.

I'm keeping this post a gentle one on the mind and so lastly I wanted to share inspirations on books/ journals which have kept me going creatively so far for 2018. For especially any sisters or mothers who may feel demotivated or uninspired to check out this book a good friend of mine gave me The Motivation Manifesto Book: "9 Declarations to Claim Your Personal Power" by Brendon Burchard . It was a beautiful doorway to many other books i have been reading and gaining so much from. Also Freedom Mastery Law Of Attraction Goal Planner & Organizer.

I am also in love with : You are a circle, You are a dream, you are a message. by Guillaume Wolf this collection leaves no space for lack of inspo & clarity . Oh & cant forget The Secret Gratitude Book this is an actual Thank you to the universe its been a road map for me personally inspired by watching The secret. I have been listening to Audios like The success Principles & feel the fear and do it anyway and recently created a monthly planner folder with affirmations, vision boards and goals inside which has helped me become a lot more organised as a creative mum, much more than last year and the previous years. "And so" i leave you with a fuzzy tummy of joy and look forward to sharing some new posts. 


stay blessed

love S xx

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