Sacred Journey baby booty printed

Sacred Journey baby booty printed


"Sacred journey" baby booty is apart of a collection of handmade reversible footwear for 6-12, 12-18 & 18-24 month year olds. Each booty is beautifully hand crafted combining a variation of faux Suede, woven peruvian fabric and holland and wax printed cotton.

Its the perfect indoor shoe before your baby's first walking shoe.

Each booty has elasticated stretch making it easy to slip on and reverse. It also has a snug fit while keeping those little feet warm. Simply turn it inside out for a brand new style.

Please note that all custom handmade orders vary slightly.

Please send me a note of your preferred age/size xx

Size 6 - 12 months :
Shoe length 12.5 cm (Approx) 
Shoe width 6.5 cm (Approx)

Size 12 - 18 months :
Shoe length 14 cm (Approx) 
Shoe width 7 cm (Approx)

Size 18 - 24 months :
Shoe length 15.5 cm (Approx)
Shoe width 7.5 cm (Approx)

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