The beauty of simplicity

The beauty of simplicity


The beauty of Simplicity is a limited edition of minimalistic style Line drawings based on my photos of people, places and things, during travels and observations of rich & beautiful Cultures around the world. (For now It is an ongoing project so please look out for more drawing updates here & via instagram). My current drawings are inspired by trips i made to Peru, Mexico, St Lucia and Jamaica.

Each original print is carefully screen printed by me and comes in a limited edition of 25 prints only. Once its gone i will not be screen printing in this format anymore of the same, to honour its rare & exclusive quality.

You will receive my signature, date and the special edition number. All prints are screen printed on A3 white recycled cartridge paper, 140 gsm.

If you would like to request a larger or smaller size please don’t hesitate to get in touch and i will adjust the price to your size requirements :

NB : Please allow from anywhere between 3 to 21 days for your print to be sent out to you.

Gratitude & Love xx

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